FUSO walks towards Carbon Neutrality

India has witnessed the fastest rate of growth in renewable energy capacity addition among all large economies, with renewable energy capacity growing by 2.5 times and solar energy expanding by over 13 times. Including large hydropower, renewable energy now constitutes over 36 per cent of the country’s installed power capacity and around 26 per cent of the electrical energy generation. This is significantly higher than the Modi government’s target of installing a green energy capacity of 175 GW by 2020. India has its eyes set on a new target of expanding its clean energy capacity to 220GW by 2022. We are committed to India’s energy goal of the future.

Glass Industry has significant energy needs of its own, explained in this article (https://www.fuso.in/energy-consumption-in-glass-industry/). Being a major player in the glass processing industry, we are making continued efforts to reduce our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy.

·     Through our owned windmills in Tamil Nadu, we generate approximately 3 million kWh (units) of green power. This makes us partially independent of the national grid for our energy requirements and helps the process of decentralised energy options.

·     Further, we have an ongoing project to harness 3000 kW of Solar Energy through Solar Photovoltaic Installation. The project is limited by space constraints but it will serve as model for all our manufacturing facilities. It will further reduce our dependency on the grid and increase the share of renewable energy in our consumption mix.

We aim to create our own renewable energy supply aligned to the UN-SDG goals of 2030. Our aspirations and path towards carbon neutrality are clear. There is extensive work to be done as we make this sustainability journey and accelerate towards fulfilling nation’s commitment to the global community.

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