Choosing the right glass for your office interiors

Choosing the Right Glass for your Office Interiors

People often spend more time in their office space compared to their homes. This makes it important for the space to be comfortable for people to work, and be productive at the same time. Thoughtful office interiors not only aid brand cohesiveness but also motivate employees to work more efficiently.

Well-built office spaces, on the other hand, are being treated as an investment by companies. It also helps them attract and retain key talent because after all, a company is only as good as the sum of the people that work there.

Why is glass the preferred choice?     

Materials like wood, aluminium, and glass are mainly used to accentuate your office interiors as well as aid better aesthetic value, privacy, energy savings, etc. But glass undoubtedly tops the list as the material of choice.

Because of its properties like transparency, viscosity, thermal expansion, etc., glass can be shaped, cut, blown, and treated to offer a broad range of solutions. It is also possible to modify some of its surface properties to suit different requirements like fire-resistant, anti-reflective, corrosion-resistant, etc.

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions

Glass partition wall systems are a very commonly used application of glass in office interiors. Besides soundproofing, it also creates bright, open spaces. Application of screen printing or etching on glass can offer nearly unlimited possibilities for interior design.

The use of translucent or opaque glass can also provide privacy in the areas required. With a wide range of acoustic laminated glasses being available, glass partitions can be used for cabins, conference rooms, cubicles, or just open workspace partitions.

Insulated Glass, Toughened Glass, Curved Glass, and Privacy Glass can be used for this application.

Wall Panelling

Wall Panelling

To get rid of boring plain walls, glass wall panelling is becoming quite popular. When paired with metal framing or channels, glass panels can function as office dividers, bathroom partition walls and much more.

Glass wall panels are also being majorly used to accentuate brand cohesiveness by using them as a medium of extending the company’s brand identity in terms of colours, patterns or just using the logo on the glass wall.

The use of clear glass wall panels can help in regulating the energy expenditure as they allow natural light to flow freely throughout the office space.

They have the added advantage of utilizing lesser floor space and being easy to clean compared to other materials.

Insulated Glass, Ceramic Glass and DGU Glass can be used for this application.

Glass Floors

Glass Floor

If you have a multi-storeyed office, the glass floor is a stunning addition to your interiors. It has gained a lot of traction in recent times because of its subtle yet plush look. Depending on your requirement, it can be offered in opaque, translucent or transparent forms.

With wide customizations available and easy to maintain properties, this is a must-have addition to your office space.

Laminated Glass can be used for this application.

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